About Me

I am a:

  • Certified Google Search Advertising and Display Advertising Professional.
  • Google Certified Trainer.
  • Frequent speaker at Google Engage events.

Aurimas Paulius Gircys - Google Certified Trainer

I help building business by:

  • Increaseing e-commerce conversion rates and building customer journeys at Interactive Agency “Ad Fingers”.
  • Personally developing and teaching the course of E-commerce at ISM University of Management and Economics.

Amongst greatest professional achievments are:

  • 37% increase of conversion rate and 72% increae in revenue for one E-commerce client.
  • Collected leads at less than 2 Eur per lead in target audience.
  • Developed full scale costumer journeys with media plans, based on unique attribution models.

If You are interested in more, You’re welcome to Contact Me: aurimas.gircys@gmail.com or call me: +37065015650